Tribune Broadcasting’s WGN-TV in Chicago is seeking its next Vice President/General Manager. Candidates must have at least 7-10 years of senior level management experience in all aspects of television station operations and demonstrated leadership abilities. We are seeking creative candidates with the abilities to develop and execute strategic and operating plans; demonstrated excellence with motivating an internally diverse group of professionals and provide the environment for employees to contribute to the station’s success. Strong analytical, communication, relationship management, organizational, and negotiation skills are required. BA degree in business administration, broadcast/entertainment or equivalent related experience preferred. Business travel and entertainment is necessary.


Equal Opportunity Employer


If interested, please send resume and cover letter to:

WGN-TV Human Resources Department

2501 W. Bradley Place

Chicago, IL 60618

Fax: 773-528-1387

Apply On-line:  Please go to and search for keywords




    Roberta said:
    November 1, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    Just want to say that I was just watching your news coverage here from FL re: LAX shooting and the girl doing the coverage was doing a great job, however, that Frank guy was unbelievably annoying and rude doing everything he could think of to steal the limelight from her. At one point, she said there were a lot of cars there and he interrupted to say he knew that but………….. He kept wanted her to ask the same questions over and over again to the witness. I hope he gets written up! He's evidentially worried about her replacing him, which I could certainly understand.

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