Boy, 3, injured in park shooting out of hospital; talks to WGN

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The youngest victim of last week’s mass shooting in a Back of the Yards park is now out of the hospital.

3-year-old Deonta Howard was released Wednesday night.

Pastor Corey Brooks sent out a message saying the boy and his mother were taken to a safe place.

13 people were injured in that Thursday night shooting.

Howard was the most seriously wounded, taking a bullet to the head.

Four people are charged in the crime.

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  • Ima blackwoman

    Hostility?? White people need to remember not ALL black people are senseless. I have lived the city life for all of my 31 years. I have graduated from college and working $150,000 a year job. I own my own home plus two cars, married with one child. I repeated an environment I grew up around now I am showing my son the same thing. I am not immune to violence and never will be. I never listened to my parents "blame" white people for anything. They worked, paid off homes, cars and college tuitions. I never once heard them say hey the white man this and the white man that. Let me go to the story where the marathon bomber killed and hurt many to see if you posted an angry response as to why someone would want to kill at least one hundred people at once. Waiting……

    • mbarney

      Be sensitive to this little boy, who has got shot by no choice on his own, or the 12 outer adults, who got shot there, in that basketball court that night, or better yet, why can the 4 hoodlums, who did the shootings, out there that night, that why were there riding around the neighbornood, shooting up people for no apparent reason, just to be looking for some revenge,because one of them, got shot by some other gang member some time ago, the story that the perp gave to the police, when he and 3 others were caught, and why were these guys was out there at 10:15 pm that night, doing something that were no good. That little boy is in that condition because of the 4 guys, who were up to no good that night.

  • mbarney

    I hope that the little boy, could pull through, from his injuries, and i should has spelled the word "Others" instead of the word "Outer" as i paraphase "or the 12 outer adults" in that sentence i have previously wrote as a comment to "john"