Mayor Emanuel helps sick passenger on flight to D.C.

Another act of heroism for Chicago’s Mayor Emanuel.


According to the Sun Times, Rahm Emanuel was on a flight from O’Hare to Washington DC, when a man sitting near him started hyperventilating.

A witness said, Mayor Emanuel helped the man lay out in the aisle of the plane until the flight crew stepped in to assist.

Earlier this month, Emanuel came to the aid of an injured cyclist, who was blindsided by a truck on Milwaukee Avenue.

He let the woman sit in the backseat of his SUV until emergency crews arrived.

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    • DC123

      Take your meds Joyce! The best thing that happend to Chicago was when they cleaned up Navy Pier! The WORSE this that happend to Chicago is HIM and when they took the Starkist lips off of the Kennedy! You are not from Chicago!

  • Ven

    OMG!!! Who the F CARES! Stop feeding BS. TELL ABOUT THE THINGS THAT HES REALLY DOING!!! (i.e. Taking all of our money for/from BS speed cameras. They don't care about who gets hit! Just wants the speeding tix $!


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