Rosebud restaurants sued for not hiring black workers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against Rosebud Restaurant Group for racial discrimination.

The agency said they did an investigation, which revealed that several of Rosebud’s managers preferred not to hire African American employees.

That includes the company’s founder and owner Alex Dana. They also found that some managers used racial slurs.

The suit claims a number of Chicago area restaurants operated by Rosebud are in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for failing or refusing to hire African Americans based on their race. The agency is seeking back pay and punitive damages for an unspecified number of applicants who were denied employment.

In a statement to the Tribune, Rosebud said they are  proud of the company’s employment record and the diversity of its work force.

Rosebud Restaurant group owns 10 restaurants in the Chicago area.

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  • FEDUP1967

    How exactly does one prove a case like this, I am just curious. Is it that there were no persons of a select minority working in the establishment? Or perhaps did someone not get a job at the place and file a complaint because they felt they did not get the job because of race? It appears there is some valid missing information here.

  • Kevin

    Fedup and Bloosuga, while it is valid that not all the facts are here, your presumption that it is someone whining for not getting hired is really ignorant, and I base that on the facts that are here including a full on investigation, racial slurs by several managers and even selecting the particular managers in offense. In fact, with this type of investigation, should you actually care for the facts, that more times than not they dismiss these claims for lack of evidence. To follow through suggests that there was pretty strong evidence. Sorry to burst your bubble with facts and reality, but hey, continue to assume that no racism exists and every claim is a lie. It is your legal right, though to me, it makes you failed Americans.

    • jac

      Nah, it was exactly what they said, someone crying and pulling the race card. Go apply somewhere else if you don't like the management's attitude or if you don't get hired. Just because a federal agency is pressing an issue doesn't mean there is merit. Look at the racist DoJ, how many merit-less lawsuits have they filed?

  • Bob Spade

    Awesome WGN. Your Web report about racism in the restaurants includes aggregated content at the bottom of page that includes: A black mom and her boyfriend charged in beating a boy, a photo of Obama looking concerned, 3 "black brothers" accused of raping a girl … and .. wait for it … a big old plate of BBQ ribs …. nicely done web team!

  • Elaine

    You don't think that minorities want to be waiters at restaurants where they can make good tips, they have every right. If they have 10 restaurants and don't have one minority waiter that's an issue. I use to work at a restaurant where they wouldn't let the white employees wash dishes they didn't want to and didn't have to guess who had to???? What do you think about that???