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John Lennon bus rolls into town with big prize for local musicians

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His voice may have been silenced three decades ago, but his love of music and musical education continues to circle communities across the world.

The John Lennon bus is was in town today for a special ceremony at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

The bus is a state-of-the-art recording and video studio, and a Chicago band is being presented the grand prize award for winning a  contest.

Seven Old Town employees, also known as Jonas Friddle and the Majority are the 2013 winners of the International John Lennon songwriting contest, a win that nets them $20,000 dollars in cash as well as studio and editing equipment.

For more information, log on to:

John Lennon Songwriting contest

Jonas Friddle & The Majority

John Lennon Educational Tour Bus


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  • Meg Murphy

    Well, my son was lucky enough to be one of the musicians on the bus, and it was a great experience for him. What he cannot get over, though, is the newscaster's lie that none of the students know who John Lennon is. Of course they do! What's more, she never asked any of them if they knew who John Lennon was.

    He enjoyed a great musical experience, but, unfortunately, learned in a personal way that newscasters do not always tell the truth. It's an unfortunate that she would sacrifice her ethos for the sake of a cute ending to a nice story.

    Congratulations to members of The Old Town School faculty on winning the prestigious song-writing award!