Man dies after being shot at gun range

A Michigan man died after being shot at a southwest suburban gun range Tuesday afternoon.

Lyons police arrived at Midwest Sporting Goods around 2 p.m.  They found 49-year-old Michael Babinski of Pickford, Michigan with a serious head wound.

He was taken to Loyola hospital in critical condition and declared dead around 5:30 p.m.

Investigators are so far treating the shooting as accidental, as they review store video and interview witnesses.

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  • dodger_grif

    Not one day after the hate/fear mongering government controlled media reported on a mass shooting, the crusade to disarm all the citizens (the second thing a dictator does after dumbing everyone down) doesn't stop. This time, all gun owners are stupid and incompetent!

    • Ven

      Exactly! This story makes no sense. I'm not even sure how this made it to the news. There are a billion other stories out there, far more important (if this story is real…) where r my tax dollars? Why do we have speed cameras? What's up with those 3.4 million dollar lights on congress/south loop? Can we get that $ back? Why is Emmanuel still mayor? Who will vote for Quinn again and why? So many stories.


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