2 wrongly convicted men freed from prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tuesday was a day to remember for two Chicago men who were released from prison after the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office dropped charges against them. The state’s attorney herself admitted it was time to right these legal wrongs.

58-year-old Carl Chatman was behind bars for 11 years accused of raping a woman in the Daley Center back in 2002.  The facts of that case against him just didn’t add up and today, Chatman left the Dixon Correctional Center after more than a decade.

“God answered my dream today,” he said.

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said his case lacked evidence.  The mentally disabled man who also struggles with other mental illnesses was accused of raping a woman inside the Daley Center and sentenced to 30 years. Now 11 years later, the facts still show the story was made up. The accuser made money off of the case.

WGNTV has been tracking the other case since it made news over 20 years ago. Latherial Boyd had hopes of becoming a male model but was locked up in a state prison instead for more than 20 years, wrongfully convicted of shooting two men on the North Side in 1990.

Significant evidence was not brought to trial that could have exonerated Boyd.  A bad line up, false statements  by a victim and misidentification are just a few things that made the Boyd case a botched case.

Today, Boyd walked out of prison, too.

Both cases were examined by Alvarez’s Conviction Integrity Unit created 18 months ago.

Chatman is at home with family tonight for the first time since he was released from prison.  He says he wants to sit in a rocking chair and to see his adult son and 3 grandchildren. He left prison and stopped at a Culver’s for some chicken on his way home.

Boyd has yet to be reunited with some family members on the south side.  There’s potential to hearing more from him in coming days.

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  • Guest

    Julie! For crying out loud.. WHO IS THE PERPETRATOR? Who is the psychopath that DESTROYED two men's lives!!??? How can we protect ourselves from her!!?? Is she on the loose in society!!??? Did it not even OCCUR to you to find out and report this information or when it will be available!!? The same misandry and gynocentrism that makes you have NO curiosity about this and give this psychopathic destroyer a VPASS, is the same misandry and gynocentrism that railroads my innocent brothers into prison at the hands of the worst members of your gender!