City Council committee to vote on ‘Gun Free Zones’ ordinance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An ordinance to create “Gun Free Zones” at bars and restaurants in Chicago will go before a City Council committee today.

Aldermen Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward, and Ed Burke, 14th Ward, have proposed the ordinance to ban all concealed weapons from places where alcohol is sold.
The law would require businesses that sell alcohol to post signs banning all guns at their entrances.

The ordinance exempts current or retired law enforcement officers as well as the owner or tenant of the property.

Businesses that sell packaged liquor, but do not serve alcohol,  are also exempt from the proposed law.

The Council’s finance committee is expected to vote on the ordinance today before it goes to the full council.

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  • Observer

    Yet one more reason (on top of a thousand other reasons) I will never ever spend another dime in the liberal hellholes of Chicago and Crook County.

  • Andrea

    so whats the point to this? if you are intending to harm someone, you will likely carry your gun into a bar whether there is a sign of not.

    Liberals, rad this out loud once a day:


    the morons in the City Council pass insipid laws like this to show that they are doing something.

  • MrApple

    "Gun Free Zones"
    I sure hope the criminals bother to read and then obey the signs. Best of luck to the law abiding citizens of Illinois. My suggestion is to move to a state that respects your rights and doesn't support the thugs, gangbangers, and criminals and let the Liberals live in the Hell they have created for themselves.

  • Dan

    As a ex military man I have used several weapons ,so now we get to carry to protect ourselves why would I get a gun go out and drink and start shooting that's what these Liberals think will happen so if they go in to drink and a guy pulls a gun on them it will be a different story what part of the right to bear arms do they not understand its your right .