Dog, cat fall from same high-rise balcony 3-days apart

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A dog and cat fell from the same high rise balcony within days of each other.

Police were called Thursday to the 300 block of East South Water Street where the dog was found in front of the building.

The doorman reports it appeared to be a pet that lived in an apartment on the 43rd floor.

No one actually saw the dog fall.

A cat fell from the same balcony three days earlier.

The Sun-Times spoke to the pets’ owner, and he calls the deaths tragic accidents.

Police believe it was an accident but they’re continuing to and investigation.

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    • kybo61

      A cat, maybe… but a dog too? NO FREAKING WAY. Cats will take chances, like getting up on railings and misjudging wind gusts. But a dog, there is NO WAY he will make a mistake and fall. Dogs are very cautious about heights. I have only once in 30 years observed a dog to make a mistake like that — he slipped and fell off the edge of a low dam in a slow river — it was slimy and he was walking along it and just slipped — and had to be rescued (I rescued him, it was scary because he was rolling under the water at the bottom of the dam and couldn't come up for air). Every other dog of the dozens I've rescued since then have been terrified of heights. Somebody threw that dog off and I hope I never meet him in this life or the next because I will be his worst nightmare.

      • Vijaya G

        You are very kind indeed. Animals need protection and I agree with you totally that the cat may have misjudged its heights but not a dog. Most dogs that I know off do not climb either.

    • Vijaya G

      Exactly! Some people are just not fit to own animals. He may have intentionally got rid of his animals by throwing them down. I used to live on an island, and was horrified that some of the people there got rid of their animals by drowning them. If I ever win a jackpot, my first priority is to build a homeless shelter for unwanted dogs and cats as well as stray animals. It was so sad.

  • becca

    charges should be filed for animal neglect. if the cat falls off and dies, dont you think it would
    be wise to shut the sliding door if you are not going to be home so the other animals there
    would not be able to go out there at all. Its amazing the level of STUPIDITY that some people
    have. Please do the animal world a favor and DONT GET ANY MORE PETS!

  • Enrique

    Cats have an exceptional sense of balance. They walk on top of high fences an inch wide surveying the land. They are like trapeze artist. I have my droughts here. The SPCA should investigate this.

    • kybo61

      I had a cat fall off a third-floor balcony in 1983… but he had only 3 legs and had decided to do the Wallenda thing on the railing. He survived, thankfully, after face-planting in some soft peat moss around the apartment landscaping. Poor devil, he succumbed to feline leukemia before anyone really knew what it was, a few months later. We tracked it in on our shoes, and he wasn't vaccinated. Long live Marley.

  • Sherry

    Disgusting! I concur with other posters here; I'm not buying that either of these falls/deaths were "accidents." Now, how the authorities could investigate and find the truth of the matter – I don't know, unless someone else in that apartment witnessed the incidents and testified to such. That, however, is very unlikely. "Accident" or intentional, though, whoever lives in that apartment should not be allowed to own any more animals. And even if the authorities cannot decree it, the management of that fancy high-rise COULD.

  • amanda

    my only thought, and just to play devils advocate. because this does look fishy. is there any possibility that at a certain time of day the dun causes some sort of glare or reflection and blinded the animals? or confused them while outside? causing them to fall?

  • Fatimah

    He needs screens for his balcony, not just for his pets but young children too. We are talking 43 floors here. I suspect he deliberately threw the animals down. I cannot see a dog jumping off. A cat maybe and I am only going by my former risk taker cat.