Hannah Anderson attends public memorial for mom, brother

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hannah Anderson mourned her mother and little brother alongside family, friends, and strangers at a public service Saturday.

Police said Christina Anderson and her 8-year old son Ethan were killed by family friend James Lee DiMaggio, who set fire to his house, then kidnapped Hannah Anderson.

The manhunt ended in Idaho when an f-b-i agent shot and killed DiMaggio.

After searching DiMaggio’s home, San Diego police found a handwritten note, camping equipment, and letters from Hannah.

Officers haven’t said what the letters and the note say.

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  • Frank

    Seem as the law enforcement is using Hannah's age as a reason for not releasing info on this case. Their reasoning stinks. Hannah has already displayed her history on the net. Her mother and possibly her father allowed their 15/16 year old daughter to take overnight trips with a forty year old man. Not once but numerous times sharing the same room. They also allowed her to stay overnight at his house. She has bragged about having sex and is no longer a virgin. She has used some of tge most profane language on the net that no lady would use. It's hard to place all the fault on the parent but at that age you would know these things aren't right. To the law enforcement:
    If what is being said in the comments on the net are not true THE TELL US WHAT IS.

  • Rob D1

    We probably will never know what truly happened because everyone at the scene, other than Hanna, is dead.

    At the very least, Hannah was using the 40 year old DiMaggio (who was creepy enough to think he could have a serious relationship with a 16 year old girl), to buy her things and take her places.

    The police are still going through the evidence, and are probably also looking for any indication of a “larger role” Hannah may have played.

    For the “crime(s)” of incredibly bad judgment, and stupidity, the culprits are many.