We’re All Day-To-Day

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Cubs BrewersBaseball can’t be explained sometimes.  Yes, we do our best by digging into the numbers to tell you what should happen, but the players still have to go out and play the game.


I say this after watching the Cubs go 6-4 on what always is a difficult trip out west only to come home and lose the first three games to the last-place Brewers.


Actually, it’s a bit instructive.  Over the course of what we term “small sample sizes,” all things are possible.  It’s why bad clubs occasionally sweep great teams and why wild card entrants knock off division winners in the playoffs.


Quantitative analysis is extremely helpful for long-term judgments — in terms of what a player will likely be over the course of his career, what a team’s record should be over 162 games based on its talent.  But in terms of a game or a series or a week?  Not so much.


I am not a gambling man, but if I were, I’d never put money down on baseball.  It’s way too fickle from day-to-day.  As a fan of the game, it’s what I love about it.  You never know what you’re gonna get when you come to the yard.



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1 Comment

  • Scott Goldstein

    As someone who has seen the Cubs play every day for several years do you see this team improving fundamentally. I will agree that the starting pitching has been outstanding this season, but both the middle relief and almost all situational hitting has really been lacking. Finally, when it comes to concentration I have seen real issues with a few of the younger players. What are your thoughts?

    Scott Goldstein-Lusby, MD