Time To Say Good-Bye

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UnknownIt’s been an emotional trip for a lot of players, who have had to say goodbye to both Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano.

Garza is an interesting, complicated guy. He’s loud, brash, and opinionated every day expect the one he pitches. That day, he’s quiet, focused, aloof (in a good way) and ultra-competitive. His teammates loved his work ethic and his cheerleading personality. To sum up, the guy is a handful, but he is a terrific pitcher who should help the Rangers in their quest to return to the post-season.

Soriano is a guy who has seemingly had one foot out the door for a few years, but it is almost hard to believe that he is actually gone. Much was made of his no-trade clause and his refusal to go to San Francisco, but the Yankees were a perfect match for him in that he returns to his first big league organization.

I know I have gushed about Alfonso as a person, but it is deserved. He simply knew how to handle being a Cub — he always gave the fans the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure some of that had to do with his experience in New York, but I really hope his demeanor and the way he carried himself rubs off on all the young teammates he leaves behind.

Matt, Sori, we wish you both the best and we will see you at the Cubs Convention years down the road as you mingle with your fellow “Cubs’ Greats of the Past.”


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