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Wrigley Field plan poised for final approval

The Chicago City Council is expected to approve the renovation of Wrigley Field today.

The plan includes a new Jumbotron screen in left field and a new see-through billboard in right field.

It includes a new hotel across Clark St. with its main entrance on either Clark or Addison instead of a residential street; but it no longer includes a new pedestrian footbridge outside the park, or an extension of the right field bleachers over Sheffield Ave.

Those enhancements must be approved later.

The Cubs’ owners added,  “We also need to resolve all outstanding issues with the rooftops, and amend the night game ordinance, so as not to conflict with major league baseball’s national television contract.”


3 Comments to “Wrigley Field plan poised for final approval”

    storymagination said:
    July 24, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    Is Tom Tunney a total nut!? He eliminates the pedestrian bridge idea which is one of the best ideas in the plan. Instead he will add another several hundred people to the pedestrian traffic on the street. Isn't the intersection of Clark and Addison crowded enough! He thinks this will benefit the stores and restaurants at treat level. DAH! Tom, if someone wants a T-Shirt, they'll get a T-Shirt. If the Cubby Bear looks "like fun" at street level, it will look just as good from the view from the bridge.

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