How To Make a Belt Chair with Blake Sloane

The first question is what is a belt chair? Belt chairs are a creation of Rebuilding Exchange production manager Blake Sloane’s re-use oriented mind. Blake combines an old, unloved chair with about a dozen old, over-loved belts to make a creative, interesting chair.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Steel Wool
-Cotton Rags
-#8 ¾ inch wood screws
-#8 finish washers -Razor blade -Drill with pilot bit and screw bit
-Old chair
-Old belts

And here’s how to do it:

1) Apply Finish with Rag
2) Lay Out Belt Design
3) Pre-drill holes
4) Fasten Belts with Screws/Washers
5)Trim Off Excess
6) Weave & Repeat
7) Reattach Seat

It’s a fun, easy project that should take about an hour and cost you no more than $20 (plus the chair and belts).

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