Apps to beat the summer heat

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Chicago is still in the middle of a heat advisory, and it won’t subside until 7 p.m. Friday.

In the meantime, here are some apps to help you stay cool and beat the heat!

Water Your Body

99 cents for iOs

Track how much water you drink every day with this sleekly-designed app. The app will tell you how much water you need to drink per day based on your weight and exercise.
Android note: There is an Android app of the same name that’s free in the Google Play store — it looks very similar but it’s unclear to me if it’s made by the same people who made this app.

CT ct-met-kc-fod-hot-weather-3-002.JPG

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

EPA’s SunWise UV Index 

Free, Android and iOS

This app will help protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Search your zip code, and the app will tell you the current UV level outside. It also provides a hourly UV index as well as a daily UV index map. However, the app doesn’t look that great on a tablet — it’s definitely optimized for iPhone.

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Free for iPhone and Android

If you’re working outside during this heat wave, you should definitely download the OSHA Heat Safety Tool app. You can use it to calculate the heat index and heat risk level of your work site. The app also features signs and symptoms of heat illnesses as well as first aid tips.

Free, web-based app

Heads-Up Chicago is a monthly calendar and daily event display that shows free things to do in Chicago as well as places where your children can eat for free! It’s a simple, easy to use app — perfect for planning some time in the air-conditioned indoors.

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