More Zimmerman jurors speak out

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Four more jurors from the George Zimmerman murder trial are speaking out about the controversial verdict.

Those other four jurors released a strongly worded statement in response to the second part of CNN’s interview with Juror known as B37.

In part two, Juror B37 provided more insight into her thinking during the trial.

She said race played no part in Trayvon Martin’s death or the case against Zimmerman.

There was almost a hung jury in the case, according to Juror B37, because another juror attempted to leave due to a family issue.

Juror B37 says the others convinced her to stay because she was too involved in the process that’s been described as highly emotional and physically draining.

But, shortly after the interview Tuesday night, four of the other jurors released this statement distancing themselves and asking for privacy.  “We ask you to remember that we are not public officials and we did not invite this type of attention into our lives.  We also wish to point out that the opinions of Juror B37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper Show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below.”

The sixth juror in this case has not been heard from.

Protests over the Zimmerman verdict have continued around the country.

Civil rights leaders have called for these demonstrations to remain peaceful, but there have been some incidents of violence.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke out about “Stand Your Ground Laws” that are in place in 22 states, including Florida.  While speaking to the NAACP convention Tuesday in Orlando, very close to Sanford, Florida, Holder said those laws contribute to more violence than they prevent.

Holder also talked about the open investigation the Department of Justice has into the Zimmerman case.

But most legal experts believe it will be very difficult to prove that Zimmerman had racial motivations behind the shooting.


    • Guest

      You need not to reply to anything in life or about life itself … No brains to speak of with this type of comment

  • Guest

    Yes all Jurors should be Very proud for thier decision , George Zimmerman was found not Guilty by a Jury of his peers , The attorney General , Al Sharpton , and Jessie Jackson , need to step aside and rather than cause more pain and hurt and troulble in this country ,with their planned rallies and investigations. They need to put their power they have to better use ,to help this country heal and move on rather than causing , more hurt and pain . Young Men , Women & Children are dieing on the streets everyday , no matter what color their skin color is , I ask you all in power where is your support there . Stop being part of the problem in this country !!!!! and Start being part of the solution …. There is enough pain in this world today without your circus acts adding to it ………… Wake up and face the music …….

  • Cecilia

    Attorney General Holder, Al Sharpon, and Jesse Jackson should all be investigated causing all this racial hatred and the media is no better. Holder needs to be impeach he has scandals of his own. The fast and furious, the IRS, he is crooked just like all the rest if them in Washington starting with the president. The democrats are destroying and separating our country. Since this president has been in office there has been more racial and weakness in our country. And everyone who voted for him and the media is giving a pat on his back

  • ChicagoCommonSense

    The person who needs to be investigated is the Florida state attorney who brought the charges against Zimmerman. Why is no one outraged at her office's attempt to delete evidence from TM's phone and deliberately withhold it from the defense? And then she fires the poor IT guy who refused to allow this miscarriage of justice.

    I am a liberal…and I am outraged at the media and prosecution lies and distortion in this case. And the evidence STILL showed only self defense. You have no credibility when you can't see past your own political leanings.

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