Chicago radio listeners express outrage, anger over Zimmerman verdict

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Angered by the “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial, about 150 people staged a protest at Daley Plaza Sunday.

The verdict is still a hot topic on the radio Monday and callers demand justice for Trayvon Martin.

At WVON radio, an African-American radio station, hosts are encouraging listeners to sign an online petition demanding the United States Department of Justice file federal civil charges against Zimmerman.

WVON is dedicating the entire day to this topic.  There has been no shortage of callers, or opinions.

“I was astounded that the verdict was ‘not guilty’ and astounded that it came back that quickly,” said WVON host Salim Mukakil.

“It is outrageous to think that African American life is so dispensable like this,” said director of the Washington bureau of the NAACP, Hilary O. Shelton.

Anger and outrage are two of the most common feelings being expressed by callers.

Shelton called Florida’s self-defense laws one of the most reckless in the nation, because it bases guilt or innocence on whether a person felt their life was in danger.

“Unfortunately, with the dynamic of race in our country, too often African Americans that simply walk into a room are viewed as being threatening,” said Shelton.  “So we knew it was going to be a heavy burden.  I think we were all very prayerful and very hopeful that justice would be served but clearly that was not the case.”

One caller called for a ban of the “Sunshine State” until it changes what he calls flawed public policy, “that’s the only justice we can get is economic justice at this point, so black folks need to stay out of Orlando and boycott Florida.”

WVON host Matt McGill downplayed concerns of mass rioting in light of the verdict saying those concerns may have been mostly spurred by the media.  “I think what you’re going to see around Chicago and the rest of the country are peaceful protests and a well-thought-out strategy on how to move forward beyond the George Zimmerman verdict, because all of the issues that affect the African American community right now are at critical mode.”

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is scheduled to speak to the NAACP Convention Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

He is expected to face tough questions about whether Zimmerman may still face federal charges.

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  • Cecilia

    First of all Holder should not even response to this. No one was there. They call Zimmerman a white Hispanic, what is that. So Obama is not black, he is white black. All of you are the racist. Look at down town the blacks go down there to rob steal and hit white people for no reason. They do it on the train stations, they come in our neighborhoods to rob, steal, kill, and rape. This is their nature. Black people are more racist than any other nationality. I know they won’t dare go to a Hispanic area, because they know better.

  • sps

    All the Media and Black radio stations should leave Zimmerman in the past and stop adding flames to the fire, whats done is done….move on!

  • Lala

    Sps I hope your teenage son never get killed because he look suspicious and just walking home from the store alone in the rain and the murderer get to get his life back and walk free and call It stand your ground he won't be able to get his life back for someone trained in weapo use he could have shot the boy in the arm or leg and not heart. I hope you never have to bury a child and someone tell you what is done is done and move on ……peace be still

    • Hondo

      Martin had a cell phone he could have called the police or better run – run home or even better call the police while running home. I am sure he was faster then an overweight Zimmerman but he didn't run did he – no — he turned to face Zimmerman, you failed to mention this in your post. If Martin would have run this would not have happened but he decided to face Zimmerman. This is a terrible loss and no one gets away free but one thing is clear each man decided what they were going to do and no one force them to do it – Martin made his choice – he choose to fight when he could/should have run.

  • nichole davis

    The bottom line is this young male did not have to be killed.No one should have that choice. All Zimmerman had to do was stay in his car and wait for authorities. He took things way to far.

    • CantStandLiars

      No Trayvon took things too far. George did NOT lay his hands upon Trayvon, he was just following him which is perfectly and absolutely legal in this country whether you like it or not.

    • Ismael

      Sps correction, conceal carry will soon be available to law abiding citizens. Chicago criminals and gang bangers had that privilege a long time ago. As usual decent citizens will have to pay $150.00 for a permit and get hand gun training while criminals won't pay anything and still carry.

      • diane

        I believe there were even self-posted pictures of Treyvon sporting a hand gun before his parent's legal teams had all traces of such whiped ffrom the internet.

  • Friday

    Outrage over what? If Martin was white, the black population wouldn't care if a boy was dead! Blacks shoot themselves down everyday in the city and don't blink any eye! This was a classic case of a confrontation between two people, that resulted in a fist fight, and one happened to pull a gun to protect himself and shoot the other dead. But because the NAACP, Jesse Jack$$, and the Prez give Trayvon a shout out, race is now involved. Our leaders suck. Get educated!!

  • nichole davis

    Race was involved when Zimmerman followed Martin because he was a black male walking in a predominantly white neighborhood. He was wearing a hoodie because it was raining. Any lost of life at the hands of another is senseless. Doesn’t matter what race or color. This didn’t have to happen

  • I'm done

    If you were half white and half black….does that automatically make you half racist against yourself?
    Seems like every white person is getting blamed for this one. News flash my fellow Americans that have black skin….racism comes in yellow, brown, tan, sunburn, you name it. Knock it off already and move on.

  • compusteve1

    Wonderful! WGN joins the parade of media misrepresenters by airing that infamous "angelic" picture of 12-year-old Trayvon. Martin was a 17-year-old thug. He dressed like a thug, he acted like a thug, he fought like a thug…..he died like a thug. Happens every week in Chicago.

  • Jake

    "One caller called for a ban of the “Sunshine State” until it changes what he calls flawed public policy, “that’s the only justice we can get is economic justice at this point, so black folks need to stay out of Orlando and boycott Florida.”

    Really, don't you think that will hurt a black family looking to enjoy Disney World?

    I remember when Jessie demanded a black boycot of Chicagofest (1981) and one young white entrepreneur silk screened t-shirts with the words "Thanks…Jessie" Sold a ton!!

    I did not like it then and you don't want to see that at Disney World.

    The Jury reached a decision, just like with O J Simpson. Live with it…

  • fatalbert2013

    "I'm angry and I'm mad." Sounds like a spoiled-rotten little kid that didn't get his way. If this and if that…blah…blah…blah. A jury of 6 did their job. Justice served. Case closed. Get over it.

  • CantStandLiars

    Hey Lala, you got it wrong. GZ is not a murderer. He was a man who defended his life against a little savage thug. No matter what anyone says, EVERYONE (including you), knows that TM DID ATTACK GZ, no matter if he kept following him, no matter if the police recommended he stop following him, TRAYVON DECIDED TO ATTACK, and it was the worst decision of many bad decisions he made in his short crime filled life. GZ is now a self defense icon in America. A murderer is what Trayvon tried to be, but he was stopped dead in his tracks, just like he should have been. Now we have to continue with GZ's work and start doing this to all the little coward gangbangers here in Chicago.

  • bozo

    WVON is the most racist radio station on the air.
    NOTHING they say should be taken seriously.
    Cliff Kelley is am idiot.

  • Fred Roe

    In typical liberal style, the people who object to the fair and legal trail of Zimmerman are not interested in the truth or in fairness. and if the outcome isn't what they demand, they want the laws changed for their convenience. We see it with the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal and a myriad of instances where if the liberal doesn't get their way, they either want to ignore the law, don't care what the law says or they'll change it — even if it is contradictory to what they previously approved — like the democrat stand on the defense of marriage and support for immorality (homosexuality). And Obama, just like the godless liberal he is — wants to challenge the laws and do something to burn Zimmerman. What would have happened if a black cop shot a young white? Where was the media and Al Sharpton in that instance.. yes, it has happened before, but it is never whispered in the liberal media.