Illinois concealed-carry law enacted

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Illinois is now the 50th state to allow people to carry concealed handguns.

The state General Assembly overrode governor Pat Quinn’s effort to modify a concealed-carry bill, and enacted its original bill; but it will take six months to create a screening and application process to weed out criminals and people with mental problems who want gun permits.

The first concealed-carry permits probably won’t be issued until next spring; until then, concealed-carry is still illegal.

Guns will still be banned in schools, parks, government buildings, on public transit and in businesses where alcohol accounts for more than half of sales.

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  • Tired

    Good thing people don't get robbed (Red line, Blue line platforms and entrances), raped (Augusta and Western bus stop), or assulted at any public transportation stops. Thank god those are safe places where we do not need to protect ourselves.

    • Dan

      Should be interesting as to what is taught in the classes. If they'll say that you cannot carry in those places or you cannot use in those places. I agree and those places will grow into more of a hot spot for crime going forward. It's almost like they are inviting people to conduct their crimes in those areas since it will yield the best result.

  • sps

    I just hope that allowing the public to carry firearms doesn't fall into the wrong hands. There is all of people with anger issues and trying to get revenge is a bad thing.

    • Dan

      Seriously? People with anger issues are not waiting for a law to be in place in order to seek revenge. There is already a 72 hour rule for purchasing a handgun so that people are not acting in the heat of the moment. If they are still pissed at that point…I would then say that falls into a mental stability/health issue. This conceal carry is a right to protect ones self….not an excuse to go shooting people for revenge like gang members (who are already concealing guns on their persons illegally and will still to conceal illegally because they will never apply for the permit).

    • Drew

      bad bad idea? more body counts everyday? Care to explain your concern? Did Illinois know something special that the other 49 states didn't know?