Movin’ On

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Scott Hairston

The moves have come fast and furious and the Cubs are not done yet.  Three trades in one day last week, Scott Hairston to the Nationals today and we still have three weeks until the non-waiver deadline.

There are reports of the Cubs talking to Matt Garza about an extension.  Sounds like the team is exploring all possibilities as they near a critical period regarding their free agent pitcher.  My guess is still that they will move him soon.

Then there’s Kevin Gregg.  And maybe another position player or two.

I know it’s tough for some fans, who hate seeing some of the Cubs’ better players get moved.  But remember, those are the guys teams want.  And the guys who can garner good young talent in return.

Fascinating to watch.


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  • Tom Czech

    Sports — the only business not subject to day-to-day life. Sports teams are the only businesses that can put out a substandard product for 3 years and still be in business.

  • Remford

    The moves may be “fascinating”, but a still-losing franchise is now almost entirely devoid of any players fans can develop a vested interest in caring about.

    If they’re gonna lose anyway, I’d prefer the players I know, recognize and give a damn about.

  • Eric Renteria

    Every year the Cubs rebuild at the start of the season. Then they haven't got it together yet and they start selling everybody off. Then they come into camp the next year after acquiring new people, they don't have it together yet and then they sell off. This is a losing pattern.