Quinn continues push for concealed carry legislation, Tuesday deadline looming

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Governor Pat Quinn continued his push for Illinois lawmakers to adopt his proposed changes to the concealed carry legislation.

quinnQuinn joined activist Pastor Corey Brooks and members of his congregation on the South Side for a march against violence on Saturday.

Quin spoke about the recent gun violence in the city including the 55 shooting that have occurred since he proposed gun legislation changes last week.

Some of the changes Quinn is proposing include a ban on guns in businesses where alcohol is served and a one gun-one clip limit for those carrying concealed weapons.

Illinois lawmakers will vote on those changes on Tuesday.

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  • Just Me

    Gov. Quinn's "push" will not get him anywhere; July 9th is Tuesday, but the Legislature should be overriding his amendatory veto on July 8th. Our Governor has decided the 2nd Amendment shouldn't apply in Illinois; the Federal Court has already ruled that it DOES. Gov. Quinn has showed a TOTAL lack of leadership on this issue, as well as pension reform; Illinois voters should remember this come election time.

  • F. Ecks

    Quinn KNOWS he doesn't have the votes – and can NOT get the votes with only Chicago voters – so just what is he trying to do?

    If Senate Bill 183 does not pass we go over "the cliff" meaning that ANYONE with an FOID card can carry ANYWHERE!

    Yeah, yeah municipalities can TRY to enact local legislation but the Federal Court can enact – and most likely will – legislation if Illinois fails to do so July 9th. If not, the court WILL after the first lawsuit hits the system! That is why more-in-likely the Illinois Legislature will override Quinn's amendatory veto.

    Too bad the people like Pastor Brooks doesn't see that Quinn is using him is a battle he can't win and support for Quinn will just insure A WORSE STATE WITH PRACTICALLY NO REGULATION!

    • Just Me

      Actually the Federal Court will not enact legislation–that would violate the Separation of Powers in the U.S. Constitution. The Court will strike down any law/ordinance not in conformance with the 2nd Amendment, as well as Heller I, Heller II, and McDonald. Since the Court has already ordered a State law be passed, it would likely strike down any municipal handgun regulations inconsistent with the pending order effective July 9th. This would include Cook County's proposed gun permit law, since it is not a state law, and the 2nd Amendment has been applied to municipalities by McDonald.

  • Joe Public

    Quinn is the POSTER BOY for corrupt Chicago Style politicians, he belongs in a cell with Blago, Ryan, Stroger, Daley, Emmanuel, etc.

    • Just Me

      I do not believe Gov. Quinn is corrupt, but he simply refused to hear the FACTS about guns, or accept that the Federal Courts have ruled against anti-gun propaganda. There is a is a HUGE difference between ignorance of the truth and corruption; sadly, Quinn may be the cleanest Governor Illinois has had in a long time.