Wife of Tio Hardiman drops domestic battery charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Prosecutors dropped the domestic battery case against Tio Hardiman after his wife said she no longer wanted to press charges Tuesday.

The ex-director of Ceasefire Illinois says he is committed to repairing his marriage and reviving his career.

“I was totally surprised,” said Hardiman. “I’m grateful that my wife stepped up.”

In May, Hardiman was arrested at his Hillside home and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. At the time, an attorney for Hardiman’s wife alleged Tio had beat his wife “like an animal.”

Hardiman lost his high-profile job at Ceasefire. He says he is still angry about his firing, but is open to continuing his work with the organization.

“I need people to know, I’m not a hypocrite. I’m not a guy that’s preaching peace in the daytime and then at night I’m doing something contrary,” said Hardiman. He said he wants to continue working as an activist on issues related to gangs, guns, animal rights, and domestic violence. He is also considering a run for public office.

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  • Marty

    WOW, I guess she used the cops and the court system to get her way. Now the cash from his job is gone and lets drop the charges. It happens with the pro-sports guys too, thier wifes or girlfriends know the cash stops and the drop charges. If the cops don't arrest or the court don't charge the get sued.

  • joe

    He's nothing but a big Phony, sucking off the tax payers dime. Politicians budgeting $$$$ for Cease Fire and there is no cease fire and never will be.

  • Jake

    I believe this is a slap in the face to woman. Sad that she dropped the charges. You wonder why police don't want to arrest the offender any more. Too many "victims" drop the charges and that gives every law enforcement officer reason to look the other way in domestic violence. Hey Mrs. Hardiman, thanks for creating more problems!

    • joe

      He lost his salery from CeaseFire and she realized there was no money now for him to give her. Maybe if I drop the charges, he will get his job back and I will get some money. Chaos, opportunity and $$$, not necessarily in that order.

  • Brenda stephen

    Hardiman said he wants to continue working as an activist on issues related to gang,guns,animal rights and "domestic violence"? Hmmm….refresh my memory please, what's he being charged for? Misdemeanor domestic battery, meaning an action that is bad or unacceptable though not very serious,(serious or not serious,it is unacceptable "domestic violence") and thats what he is being charged for,Or did she just frame him? Why are the "women" always dropping the charges? Hardiman "I need people to know am not a hypocrite, am not a man who preaches peace during the day and at night practices something contrary" Then practice what you preach please. Charity begins at home