CPS announces new hires for safe passage and welcoming programs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Public Schools will announce its new hires Monday morning, who will help transition kids to their new schools.

245 new hires will take on summer positions in the Sending and Welcoming School communities. A portion will begin training this morning at Calhoun North Elementary school in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. CPS Chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett recommended the board hire people in affected communities as part of the transition.

According to CPS, 200 new hires will execute responsibilities that include packing up learning tools and moving furniture and other school materials to Welcoming Schools based on their needs.

45 new hires will serve as dedicated information technology (IT) teams charged with disabling, transporting, and installing technology equipment for all Sending and Welcoming Schools.

600 other Chicago residents and community members will work in an expanded safe passage program that will cost the city $7 million. It launched the program in 2009, putting community members on school routes to get children to and from school safely.

Parents said they worry the new safe passage routes will make their children walk farther, and often through dangerous areas to get to the new schools.

In May, the Chicago Board of Education decided to close dozens of schools because of what they called poor student performance or underutilized buildings. 30,000 students are set to go to new schools in the fall.

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  • angel brandon

    The safe passage program was once the safe heaven program. Between 97 and 98,due to children safety that has always been a fact. don't take a that schools were close down and staff lost jobs behind this. children always comes first but why not hire the support staff you'll lost fired. Program worked about a month news people was right there when first implemented . Then you'll forgot about the safety of the children when you'll got what was needed from you gain of respect.