Chicago bike sharing starts with problems

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

bike shareChicago’s new bike sharing program rolled out with its share of problems.

The service known as Divvy debuted Friday.

Some riders say it was a hassle to return the bikes they checked out from one of the 68 docking-station locations downtown, and in River North.

Either the docks were already occupied, or available locking devices would not accept the bikes that were being returned.

Riders are responsible for the $1,200 bikes until they are locked up in a dock.

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  • Guest

    $1,200 bikes??? Wow, this city can sure find new ways to get ripped off. These bikes are NOT worth even half of that.

  • retiredinaz1

    My friends called me to say they had rented these new bicycles. My one friend is a so-called 'expert" on bicycles, said these bikes would not be worh more than $400 so to tell renters they are "responsible for these $1,200 bikes" is a joke. They rode for about an hour and a half, went to the next locking station AND WERE STUCK THERE as they had 3 bikes and only 1 locking space was left open! Wasted another hour just sitting before they locked them up….and put them away forever! As my one friend from out of town said…"Never Again"! Way to go Chicago!

  • Enrique

    The taxpayer paid $1,200 for each of these bikes? A Fuji Cross-town with high quality components costs $750. An entry level racing bike cost $1,200. I smell a gubmint union taxpayer scam.