Feds seek to seize homes of Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Given the circumstances, attempting to seize Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s house is not an unusual move. Convicted of looting his own campaign fund, Jackson owes the government $1.5 million. Prosecutors are just making sure his assets are secure, but in doing so, they offer a strong reminder of all he did wrong.

Already convicted of using campaign cash to go on a wild spending spree, Jackson has agreed to hand over some of the things he bought. Mostly furs and celebrity memorabilia, the 24 items in total put just a small dent in the $750,000 in forfeitures plus that much again in restitution he has to pay. And in the prosecution’s latest court filing, there were some strong words about how far this prominent family went wrong.

Jackson’s house in the South Shore and the other family home in Washington were both owned by the couple until, prosecutors say, they were transferred to a family trust in 2008 while the Jackson’s we in the middle of their crime spree. Now the Feds want the keys to both, along with about $80,000 the ex-congressman has in an IRA.

Said legal analyst Terry Sullivan, “When the government works out something, they usually don’t have to go chasing after what the agreement was.”

The motion to seize the homes will be dealt with in federal court on Wednesday, the couple’s sentencing day. Their lawyers are asking for leniency. Prosecutors want both to do prison time.

The feds stipulate that there is a distinction between chasing assets and securing them. But there is, among some observers, another worry here: that any additional sign of impropriety, by either member of the once-powerful couple, sends a message that could resonate during next week’s sentencing.

Said Sullivan, “If you agree to something and you’re hoping to get a lenient sentence, you don’t want to have the government coming back in and saying, ‘Hey, he’s not doing what he’s supposed to be doing.’”

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  • Alan

    They lied, cheated and stole from the very people they should have been representing. They did nothing for their constituents. Who ever vote for or support them? They should get maximum sentence allowed by law.

  • Jim

    Their are far worst politicians in chicago and thru out america that need to also be locked up. Hint somebody sold the parking meters for 75 yrs for pennies on the dollar. What type of back room deal was that. Jackson is a nobody compared to the bigheads. In order to force change you don't lockup the footsoldiers you lockup the bosses.

  • anonymous

    Good they should lose everything.I can hardly wait to see the slap on the wrist they get next week. What a joke.They better be sent to jail at the same time too. Idiots.

  • David

    How sweet it will be that they lose the houses and get the maximum sentence. What they did was pure evil and should pay in the worse kind of way! Yea sure have people speak up for you as if you deserve it, you both are scum and do not deserve anything. ROT IN JAIL!

  • DC123

    No wonder you kept going to the hospital cause you we sick, This would make anyone sick. Where is you dad? I bet he dont want any part of this…Sharpton..nope…..and last but not least..Barack…He wont help you or anyone at all!

  • carole

    Sorry but the people of Chicago elected these 2 self serving to office many times over. When are people going to smarten up and realize that you can't elect someone to office time after time. This is another example of TERM LIMITS!