Emanuel proposing stricter gun laws today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will introduce two new ordinances at City Council Wednesday, in an effort to strengthen the assault weapons ban.

One of the ordinances would prohibit the sale and possession of assault weapons in the city.

Emanuel said in a press release that weapons designed for the battlefield don’t have a place on the streets of Chicago.

While the penalties for having an assault weapon would remain the same, the ordinance would include a new list of banned weapons that have advanced technology.

The second ordinance would make the punishment harsher for gun-related offenses in “student safety zones”.

Those zones are found near schools, buses, and parks across the city.

Anyone convicted of having a gun in a safety zone would face a fine of $1,000 to $5,000 for the first offense and a mandatory 30 days in jail.

A second offense would carry a fine of $5,000 to $15,000 and a mandatory three months in jail.

A third offense would carry a fine of $10,000 to $20,000 and a mandatory six-month jail term.

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  • Tired of wa$te

    Really ??? Apparently the mayor doesn't get it. Gangbangers don't follow the laws!! Chitcago already has some of the strictest gun laws. Yet that doesn't stop all the shootings….. and summer has just begun.

  • Ven

    Exactly Jim! C'mon man! They want war in the streets and defenseless ppl to get killed! This doesn't make any sense! This is ridiculous! But he has guns and assault weapons for his protection!

  • bill

    the fines are for felony level crimes however the jail time is for lesser crimes. that tells me that he is only worried about revenue for his corrupt city government!!

  • Rick

    I am sure all the gang bangers are lining up to turn in all their weapons,…NOT. If anyone has an extra clue lying around please give it to this idiot.

  • Michael Labus

    "Emanuel said in a press release that weapons designed for the battlefield don’t have a place on the streets of Chicago." Lying politician! The armed forces do not use semi-automatic only rifles. They use automatic with a selector switch for auto or semi-auto fire.

    Whenever a politician lies we should call them out! That includes you liberal media!

  • Ferd Verfle

    This is just an attempt to pacify all the idiots who voted him into office, since his police department is incapable of actually enforcing the laws they already have.

  • anonymous

    Add more laws, because the existing laws are working so well? Makes sense. As has already been stated by others, the so-called “assault rifles” they want to ban are not assault rifles, and are not used by the military. I am very interested in looking at the new banned weapons list, because I want to see what Rahm considers to be “New technology.” Maybe he’s adding star trek phasers and Ray guns to the list?

  • Rob

    It's already a felony to carry a weapon in public… More useless banter from Chicago– I just want to know when Washington D.C. was replaced as the Capital of the United States of America by Chicago??? Did I miss anything…. The gang-bangers are not even going to give one flying fart about new laws. All they do is screw over law abiding citizens. Chicago has so many problems the real one is the people running the city…. YOU ARE NOT THE VOICE OF ILLINOIS !!! There are counties other than Cook with much less crime because we respect our homes. Because you wont address the truth but want to try lies and scare tactics that do not work regroup once your heads are out of the sand.

  • TFCreate

    What will he do when these are struck down?
    The federal courts have already said that you may regulate, but not ban, yet they INSIST on wasting money and time.
    He doesn't even enforce the laws on the books now.

  • Kevin

    The AWB in the broadcast included an over and under shotgun used for shooting trap or skeet or sporting clays. With only 2 barrels=2 shots it shows the ignorance of gun haters, hoplophobics, left wing dingbats who are insane with their reasonings about firearm ownership. Every elected official is responsible to protect our constitution and a few are not, and falsely acting as tho they are the majority.
    And, most of the complainers about guns, know very little of which they speak; and usually make their living off of other peoples taxes. Smoke and mirrors.

  • CJT

    Speaking of Illinois, A friend of mine sent in payment for renewing her FOID card (Firearm Owner Identification) i January and still hasn't received the card. She calles and they keep saying another 2 weeks, and "Don't worry, you're ok as long as you don't take firearms out of your home." They cashed the check in February! Anyone else hear of this?

  • Bill

    The underlying reason these politicians are so anti gun is that they are so basically dishonest, morally corrupt, deceitful, unethical, and totally lacking in any sense of right and wrong that they are incapable of relating to the average law abiding, moral, honest citizen.

    The concept of anyone being trustworthy enough to have a weapon (gun) is so alien to them that they panic at the thought of an armed citizen. Since they know they themselves can’t be trusted to do anything right, how can anyone else be trusted with a gun?

    These scumbag politicians are so thoroughly rotten, along with their patsy hired mouthpieces (read big city police chiefs) that guns in the hands of anyone they can’t/don’t own/control terrify them.

    And out of over 90 of the largest cities in the US, why is Chicago the absolute lowest in gun crime prosecutions? Not enough gun laws on the books or not enough real interest in fighting crime? Hey, hey. Can’t prosecute the kind of voter that keeps you in office, eh Rahm?