Emanuel proposes new gun ordinances in City Council

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

When “concealed carry” becomes law in Illinois, Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make sure that assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines stay banned in Chicago. mayor guns

At today’s City Council meeting the Mayor introduced a proposed ordinance that would probhibit the import, sale, transfer and possession of these types of guns and clips.  Right now people just cannot register them, and that is what bans them.

Proposed statewide legislation would allow the concealed carrying of guns and other changes to weapons regulations.

“Chicago needs to take steps to protect itself and its citizens,” Alderman Michele Smih (43rd Ward) said.  “There’s been an assault weapons ban in Chicago in the past, but the new law makes the technique in which we ban the guns not possible.”

Another proposal introduced today would make it illegal to carry concealed guns in a safe passage area where Chicago students walk to school.

The ordinance is sponsored by Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. (27th Ward), who wants stiff fines and jail time for gun offenses.

“This just gives the police officers another tool,” Burnett said.  “Rather than going through the arduous court situation of dealing with people, and they may get off — at least we can do something else to them.”

For example, a first offense would carry a fine of $1,000 to $5,000 and a mandatory 30 days in jail.  For the second offense it would be a fine of $5,000 to $15,000 and three months in jail.  For the third offense it would be a fine of $10,000 to $20,000 and six months in jail.

Alderman Burnett thinks this will definitely deter people from carrying guns near public schools, buses and safe routes.

No votes were taken today on the proposed gun ordinances.

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  • Dale

    Last comment. This will only harming law abiding citizens and the right to protect themselves and their family or to enjoy their hobbies!

    • Oppressed Teacher

      Why isn't WGN doing a story on the students thrown out of the CPS Board meeting today? Clearly, these people have lost all control of the district through their hubris and disregard for those they serve.

  • spe

    Does the Mayor really think that the criminals in Chicago or in the entire state of Illinois really care about obeying the laws…..Rahm needs to wake up the smell the coffee!.

  • scott

    this shows a complete lack of understanding of what weapons are actually a threat out on the streets. he needs to read the new report the CDC just released at the President's direction- assault weapons and related mass shootings are by percentage virtually a non-threat compared to handguns, and the overall rate for all gun related violence has been going down for the last five years,. Also, there is definite evidence that legal gun use for self protection against crime is effective and takes place very, very often. in addition, the odds of being injured during a violent crime attempt have been proven to go down in cases where the victim is armed and able to fight back. Not very good news for Chicago's anti gun dogma now, I guess!

  • Concerned citizen

    When will the adding of laws to stop honest hard working citizens stop and laws enforcing the crimps wrong doing start? Adding additional laws will only help continue to keep Chicago as one of the countries cities whith the highest crimes! It’s time to start enforcing existing law and help honest hard working citizens not restrict them and put them in harms way with more laws against them.

  • OxKaufman

    Law-abiding citizen should be encouraged to carry guns near schools in schools and around schools. It will only make the schools much much more safe. It’s simple logic, criminals don’t go near areas where they know there will be law abiding citizens carrying weapons.

  • magiccat

    If the Illinois concealed carry bill goes into law as is, Emanuel will have no power to restrict where concealed handguns can be carried. Only the state of Illinois will have that right. That is written in the bill.

  • Bill

    Why is it that the comments I wrote this morning have suddfenly disappeared? Nothing obscene, just to the point. Must have upset theliberal media.