Heavy rains wreak havoc on roadways, homes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Early morning rains caused delays, closures and damage throughout Chicago and the suburbs Wednesday.

The overnight rain left its mark north and northwest of the city.

Park Ridge resident Dan Chovan keeps telling himself he’s going to move. He has yet to get out of his house for good, but he did wise up after the summer flood of 2011 and got flood insurance.

“It’s worse than in  times past,” he said.

In nearby Des Plaines was a similar scene. People living along the dangerously high Des Plaines River resorted to sand bags – again. Some are even packing up preparing perhaps for the worst if more rain threatens their homes.

Susan Burrows has lived in her house for more than 20 years. She flooded four times and fears a 5th could be in the forecast today.

“All our bags are packed to evacuate,” she said.

Burrows is prepared because the river at the end of her street took over homes on her block in April. When it crested, everybody was flooded. Pink building permits and storage pods still

In Lincolnwood, residents were also bailing out from the Wednesday morning deluge.

Roads were blocked and only the brave plowed through.

The same was true in the northwest suburbs in places like Crystal Lake, Cary, Barrington, and Lake Zurich. They too were under water.

And morning commuters got a dose  if they were taking the Edens today. The expressway was shut down from Pratt to the junction slowly forcing cars onto exit ramps.  Backups could be seen for miles.

The rain even started a landslide near some Crystal Lake train tracks.

The questions remain for residents: What comes next and how soon will it arrive?

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