No bond for man charged with murdering Cicero pizzeria owner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A judge denied bond for the man charged with murdering a popular restaurant owner in Cicero.

A witness helped Cicero Police identify Matthew A. Brown-Turner, 25, who is charged with shooting and killing pizzeria owner Giovanni Donancricchia, 64, after midnight on Thursday.

CICERO MURDER SUSPECTSurveillance footage showed Brown-Turner entering the restaurant through the back door and pointing a gun at the owner’s wife Angela Donancricchia when Giovanni Donancricchia confronted the man and was fatally shot in the chest.

“At that point it wasn’t about the money, and he wasn’t going to have that,” Saverio Donancricchia, Giovanni’s son, said.

While relatives of Donancricchia are mourning his death, they are relieved to see his suspected killer in police custody. Saverio hopes his father will be remembered as a hero.

“He would take the left over slices and off the 290 Austin ramp he would see homeless people and just give it to them,” Saverio said.

After nearly 25 years, the restaurant remains closed, giving time for family and friends to grieve.

“They were married over 40 years,” Saverio said. “He took care of everything.”

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  • itsclose

    Words cannot adequately describe the piece of dung that did this senseless, heartless act. That our tax dollars will be further squandered to provide the perpetrator with an attorney, a fair trial, free housing, food, clothing, education, and entertainment for the rest of his life is another crime in itself.

    It was a very foolish endeavor to abolish the death penalty in our state, as evidenced by the phenomenal number of brazen shootings in the "firearms free" city of Chicago.

    • bobanmebrudder

      Thanks to the Washington, Springfield & Chicago administration I wonder if he attended the gun safety/usage courses for gun owners to CCW? I really doubt it. Take the weapons away from the good citizens and let the gang bangers have a free reign. They don't have to attend training courses.
      God bless the family and friends. Why waste our tax dollars, just let him rot in prison. I know their are the groups who want his rights protected. LOOK AT THE VIDEOS OBTAINED WITH SECURITY CAMERAS.

  • fitz

    This man was a hardworking, caring and generous person and he raised his family based on these traits. To have his life end in this manner is so unfair.
    Everybody has to watch their backs. The days of trust ended some time ago. What a shame.

  • bubba

    Anytime a person has a gun don't confront them. As fitz has said the days of trust ended some time ago that is so so true.

  • Kevin Patrick Brown-Turner

    Thatsy brother. I know what he did was wrong and all but you people talk as ify knew the problems he was facing in his life prior to this .