Last day bittersweet for many CPS schools

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Monday is the last day of school for CPS Track R schools.

Some of those schools are closing for good, as part of the Chicago School Board’s consolidation plan.

Trumbull Elementary School in the Andersonville neighborhood is one of the schools closing for good at the end of the school day.

Students from Trumbull will be transferred to either Chappell, McCutcheon Or McPherson elementary schools in the Fall.

Parents have vowed to keep fighting to keep the schools open.

A group of Trumbull parents filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against CPS for the school’s closure, arguing the it discriminates against students in the special education program by not allowing them access to a top welcoming school.

Rallies and protests have been held across the city in the wake of these closures.

The Chicago Teachers Union argues the closing of 49 CPS schools is going to hurt student education and put students’ safety in jeopardy.

28 schools closed last week.  The remaining 21 permanent closures are slated for today.

CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett says the closings of the schools is due to a utilization crisis.

She says instead of funding half-empty schools, that money should be going into children’s education.

Bennett is also tackling concerns about getting students to their new schools safely.

She released new recommendations Monday asking that 19 new community-based Safe Passage vendors be hired, to then hire 600 new Safe Passage workers.

Right now, Safe Passage workers help students get to and from 39 CPS schools.  It will be expanded to 51 schools in the Fall.

The school board still needs to approved the new recommendations.

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1 Comment

  • guest

    I am a former CPS teacher and although I fully understand the CTU and the parents views on the closings, I would have to side with the CPS on this one….some of those schools were only 1/2 full with children, yet the CPS still had to heat the entire building, clean the entire building, etc……..the correct thing in these hard-pressed economic times is to close them down. Bravo CPS, with sticking to your decision.