Chief Keef arrested minutes after pleading guilty to speeding charge

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago rapper Keith Cozart, better known as “Chief Keef,” was arrested Monday minutes after pleading guilty to speeding down the Edens Expressway at a 110 miles an hour last month, on his learner’s permit.

The judge  gave the 17-year-old 18 months probation and 60 hours of community service, and ordered him not to drive.

Cozart’s lawyer says he was blocks away from the courthouse when police detained him on a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

Cozart is back in police custody.

His lawyer says she believes police were waiting for him to leave the Skokie Courthouse.

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  • Tod

    THEY DONT KNOW TO PROOFREAD THEY are too bust trying to make story so worst than what it actually was. And how many celebs have been caught doing d rugs in hotels??? SO that is nothing new and why do we need to know what he had on in court?? what did Zimberman have on in court???? OOO no one wants to talk abou that huh?

  • h8rish8in

    The worst part: This is probably a badge of honor for him!
    I hope with this new arrest he is given enough jail time to think about how lucky he is to have all that success in life at such an early age!
    Most 17 year olds only make minimum wage at a job!
    Chief Kreep!

  • gibson

    okay am i missing something. He is pulled over at 3:45 AM for going over 100 mph. He has three other individuals in the car. He is seventeen – i thought there are laws about curfew, laws about driving under the age of eighteen with more than one person in the car, oh and the fact that he has a record and was released for juvenile detention recently. Throw this boy in jail and keep him there.

    • Brooke

      It's, "who cares, people". Not "who care people". Did you finish 2nd grade? Or do you think talking and writing like that makes you cool? It doesn't. It makes you look and sound like an uneducated hillbilly.

  • Friday

    Think about the man hours and how much administrators, lawyers, judges, are being paid to administrate this bs. Our legal system is a joke. Slap a fine on him and move on.

  • Zach

    SO GO AND GRAB THE REPORTERS SO I CAN SMASH THEIR RECORDERS! -Kanye west new slaves. he obviously take the news as what they are a JOKE. Always trying to get into someone business if he lives his life a certain way let him. Focus on your family and your life not other people

  • Donna

    Just some more Bullshit. They KNEW he was in court. Why not bring up the trespassing charges then? Because they wanted him in custody AGAIN and now he has to post another bond. I don't listen to rap so I've never heard his music. But what I do know is that they set him up. Ya'll can argue that they didn't all day. But in court they have all your records and charges. They knew about this trespassing charge BEFORE he left court.