Marmol Meltdown

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imagesIt felt like a big punch to the gut yesterday when the Mets scored 4 runs off Carlos Marmol in the 9th to steal a victory and avoid the sweep.  Marmol was in the closer’s role because Kevin Gregg had worked 4 days in a row.

I know Marmol has been a lightning rod because of his struggles this season (and early last year too), but what is maddening is the inconsistency.  Lately, he has had some very quick, low-pitch innings which have served as teasers of sorts.

He has appeared in 30 games this season and has pitched shutout ball in 21 of those.  In 5 of the 9 in which he’s allowed runs, he’s allowed more than 1 so it seems like he either has it or he doesn’t — very little in between.

The bottom line is obvious at this point.  Yesterday’s performance pretty much seals the fact that Dale can’t use him in closing situations, even as a fill-in, anymore.

Personally, I’m saddened because Marmol has been a fixture here for a long time and has never shied away from his responsibilities to his teammates or the media.  Internally, he really is the kind of guy you root for.  But results are what matter and when teams lose games like that, it is devastating for everyone involved.


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  • Fran

    Wouldn't some of this blame really be on Dale? Knowing your players and the fact that he had given up a homerun, then a walk on 5 pitches I think, and a hit – certainly says he doesn't have it! As a manager and decision maker, knowing he has it or doesn't says lets pull him before he blows it. Marmol is a good guy – and I feel bad, but really that loss is on the manager in my opinion.

  • CubsFaninSDO

    I am sick of watching Marmol walk the bases full to strike a single batter out… The trade off is not worth it.

  • deacon272

    Dale Sveum doesn't have a clue in judging pitching. Anyone in their right mind knows that inconsistency in a pitcher's move to the plate breeds inconsistent control (or no control at all). With no control at all, Marmol must constantly aim for the "plate" and not the corners. The opposition knows this so they can wait him out and sit on a juicy fastball right down the middle.

    As long as Marmol insists on flaying around out there, he is worthless. It's been that way his entire career. Think Sveum can see that? Nope. And neither does the remote brain trust in the corporate seats either.

  • Larry Stevens

    It’s not just closing situations; Marmol can’t get the outs he needs in any clutch situation.

    His successful outings occur when there is a comfortable lead or there are enough innings left to recover from a mistake.

    When the pressure is on, the command is gone.

  • Jeff

    Lay off the wacky weed Len! I am guessing the Cubs organization paid you to write that article. Wake Up! Marmol is horrible!

  • gm

    He has been given plenty of opportunities. He did good as set up guy- leave him there. For whatever reason he can’t handle closers role. Please don’t make us suffer any longer.

  • Strick61

    Marmol needs to be assigned to tripple A. It does not matter that he will be the highest paid minor league player. He is a detriment to the team and has absolutely no trade value. It is time to give a young pitcher a chance. In a perfect would the Cubs could trade Stewart for a closer. I think that it is time to re-evaluate Sveum's ability to manage a major leaguue team. I believe that his poor decisions have lost many games. I think that it time to get Sandberg back in a Cubs uniform.

  • Dale, not that Dale

    Looks like I'm late to the party. lol. After Marmol gave up that first jack, why in the world did Dale leave him in? The cubs are excelling at snatching defeat from certain victory.

  • Jeff

    Len and Jim looking for some stats on Cubs vs Cards for my Statistics class. Can you email me stats such as total games the two have played and win/losses. Total runs scored, total one run victories ect. I would appreciate it.