Chief Keef pleads guilty to driving 110 mph on Edens

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By Brian L. Cox

Special to the Tribune

Rapper Keith Cozart, better known as Chief Keef, pleaded guilty this morning to speeding 110 mph on the Edens Expressway last month. The 17-year-old has a learner’s permit and was told by the judge not to drive.

“I think you think you’re invincible, and you’re certainly not,” said Cook County Circuit Court Judge Earl Hoffenberg. “Violate (conditions of the plea agreement) and you’ll find out you’re not. … I sure hope I don’t see you again, because if I do you better be ready to go to jail.”

Under sentencing guidelines for the Class A misdemeanor, Cozart could have been sentenced to a year in prison and fined up to $2,500. But the judge fined him $531, put him on probation for 18 months, ordered him perform 60 hours community service, and undergo random drug testing. He must also complete eight hours of traffic school.

Dressed in a black T-shirt, plaid shorts, sneakers, and wearing a gold chain, Cozart made no comment in court.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t take this deal if you can’t follow these conditions,” Hoffenberg said.

“I’m really not sympathetic to people who don’t listen to me,” the judge added.

Cozart was stopped on the speeding charge May 27, a week after he had been charged with disorderly conduct in Georgia, where police say hotel security smelled marijuana smoke coming from his room.

Cozart was behind the wheel of a 2011 BMW X6 M, heading north about 3:45 a.m. at Winnetka Road, when a Northfield officer clocked him at 110 mph in the 55 mph zone, officials said. The officer pulled over Cozart, who was riding with three other men. He was taken into custody, and one of the passengers was allowed to drive the BMW away, officials said. The police report listed Cozart’s address as in the 600 block of Pfingsten Road in nearby Northbrook.

On May 20, Cozart was arrested at the Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter hotel in Dunwoody, Ga., north of Atlanta. Hotel security alerted police shortly before 3 p.m. about illegal drug activity at the hotel. Security staff members told police they had noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the room. Officers arrived and spoke with Cozart, then arrested him for disorderly conduct for smoking marijuana, according to a police report.
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