Your Money Matters: Planning for retirement

Michael D. Ruggiero

Confident Retirement Approach

Covering Essentials
These are all the necessities-A roof over your head, medical expenses, keeping the lights on and the water running, etc.  Guaranteed income sources can help cover your essential expenses.

Enduring Lifestyle
Lifestyle expenses are all the “nice to haves” that are important to you, like travel, going out to eat, hobbies, etc.  For these, you need to build a flexible investment and withdrawal plan to help ensure your lifestyle.

Preparing for the Unexpected
The unexpected are all those things that could get in the way of retirement, such as an accident or disability.  Prepare for the certainty of uncertainty by covering the unexpected.

Leaving a Legacy
Legacy is about giving to family, charities or causes that are important to you.  Smart giving is about control and leverage.  Plan now for your legacy.

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