Boy, 9, shot while riding in car on South Side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 9-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was shot while riding in a car with his mother.

By all accounts Tykeece Hilliard should be in school today, instead of in the hospital.  The boy is described as outgoing and smart, and relatives are desperate for him to pull through.

“The teacher loves him, his classmates love him,” said his grandmother, Debra Hilliard.  “It just hurts that my grandbaby is lying in the hospital because of gangbangers.”

A police source tells WGN the boy was an unintended target in a gang-related shooting.

Tykeece was in his mother’s car at 67th and Evans at around 5:30 yesterday when bullets were aimed into the vehicle.  Investigators gathered evidence from the car of Tynisha Hilliard after she drove her son directly to the hospital with a gunshot to the chest.

A source says a boyfriend had also been in the car but he fled.  He is a known gang member and was likely the target.

Friends of Tynisha Hilliard say the single mother of six would never knowingly put her children in harm’s way.

Tykeece underwent emergency surgery last night.  His mother indicated afterwards that doctors were optimistic about the boy’s recovery, but relatives are still feeling anxious.

“I’m just praying for the best, that my grandbaby will pull through this, because it’s killing me, it’s hurting me,” Debra Hilliard told WGN.  “And if anybody has something to do with this I want them arrested.”

Police continue to investigate the shooting, including the mother’s initial account of hearing people arguing near the scene of the gunfire that has left her son fighting for his life.

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  • Rose

    She may not have thought she put her child in harms way but dealing with a gang banger puts the whole family and community in harms way. She seemed to see something in this man that goes beyond the level of respect he deserves. He left her and her child for dead!

  • AJW

    There is absolutely nothing on here that says he was the father. It says a boyfriend and that she is a single mother. Learn how to read.

      • Guess Who!!!

        And what does that have to do with this child being shot……..he could be incarcerated for traffic tickets!!!!!!! Stick to the issue and pray for a speedy recovery for this child.

  • Guest

    Could it be possible that the gang member was known to the police but the mother was left in the dark? It didn't say how long they were in a relationship. Maybe it was new. This mother has a child that was shot any everyone here wants to blame her without possibly knowing all of the answers. If she knew he was a gang member then the blame does fall on her as well but these criminal types talk a good game and pull the wool over their friends and family members' eyes… its what they do… it is all part of being a criminal. I pray the boy heals… I hope the mother didn't know.

  • guest

    Why here there six (6) children in the backseat!!!! Obviously not a seatbelt per person/child. That right there alone shows negligence on the mother and friends part.

    • james

      If you would take the time out to read the article again, you would know that it does not say anything about all 6 of her kids being in the car, it says she is a mother of 6! And it's possible that she could have a vehicle that fits all 6 of her children!! You seem to only be focused on the non-factors here…what a dumb-ass!!!

  • Vernon Waldrip

    While it may not say it here, the Tribune article quotes the mother as saying that all 6 children were in the backseat of the car…. There is also video showing the car outside the hospital. It is a very small car. It is possible she did not know this guy was a gang member. It is also possible Manti Teo did not know his girlfriend was fake. Possible, but highly unlikely.

    • guest

      LMAO………All 6 were in the backseat. Although, it is possible for more than one child to be strapped in the seatbelt.

  • Guest

    @ Vernon Waldrip – "It is possible she did not know this guy was a gang member. It is also possible Manti Teo did not know his girlfriend was fake. Possible, but highly unlikely"

    What about all of those women whose husbands have sex with other men behind closed doors and the women are none the wiser… it is possible not to know everything about the people in your life. Your comparison is laughable.

  • JustSaying

    I'm not blaming the Mother for the shooting, obviously that person needs to be found and brought to justice, but she needs to take some responsibility. Why would you date a gangbanger when you have a CHILD??? Woman, please WAKE UP and start making choices in your life that are in the best interest of your children, not yourself!! They are the innocent and don't deserve this.

  • roger

    why would you let a known gang member anywhere near your child. She should be charged with child endangerment and STPIDITY