Illinois granted extension to lift weapons ban

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An appellate court is giving Illinois an extra 30 days to lift its ban on concealed weapons.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan requested the court give Governor Quinn more time to review legislation passed in Springfield last week.

He was facing a Sunday deadline, but now has until July 9th to take action.

Illinois is the last state with a ban on the concealed carrying of guns.

The ban was ruled unconstitutional in December.

The court warned it would not issue another extension.

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    • Ven

      You are right Jim. Pretending that they are looking out for the "people's well-being"… if they were, we would be allowed to protect ourselves, like every other state in the nation, with less violent offenses. Sick of this state with their consistent lies and corruption! If I can't have a gun, then let a police officer sit outside my house to protect me and my family at all times.… sounds stupid? Then let me do it and give me my gun rights against the people trying to hurt us. "As long as guns are outlawed, the outlaws will always have guns."

  • MrCrabs

    Hey, Lisa…stalling won't make it go away. We'll fight every inane bill designed to be an end run on the Constitution. As for the rest of the gun-grabbers, move to another country. Suddenly, you'll find out how nothing is considered a right. When people are charged with something, they are presumed guilty and must prove their innocence. Those governments are set up around a privileged few.

  • diane

    I would be much more tolerant of Lisa Madigan's and Gov. Quinns' request if I knew their purpose was to get the new gun legislation right.
    But after connecting some of the dots on whats been going on at the federal level in Washington I'm apprehensive. The over-reaching of executive powers by A.G. Holder , the State Department and the IRS . Its seems our government's infringing on the press, religions , free assembly, the 4th amendment. Time to start taking notice people.

  • MrCrabs

    Diane, they are analyzing the wording of what was passed to find vague language which can be interpreted to meet their anti-gun agenda. Illinois has a lot of influence in Washington. It does not matter that one of our Senators is Republican. He goes along with the Democrats who outnumber him. He somehow believes that he's creating bi-partisanship by compromising with everything. The whole system is dysfunctional. As long as there are Super PACs, these people will run over the individual citizen just to get the money. Remember, power is the real currency. Money is only a tool to obtain that power.