Taylor Swift to join Rolling Stones tonight at United Center

In a pairing that might surprise many, many, people, The Rolling Stones are set to welcome Taylor Swift to the stage tonight at their Chicago concert.

The Rolling Stones tweeted earlier today: Tonight’s special guest will be @taylorswift13!

This is the band’s third show at the United Center this week.  Sheryl Crowe joined them Friday.

The 50 and Counting tour has seen a variety of other musicians join the legendary rockers on stage including John Mayer, Carrie Underwood, Tom Waits and Gwen Stefani.

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  • Johnny

    Arg.. Y must these rock legends I look up to and adore so much downgrade their rock n roll rep to invite mainstream pop singers that no one likes.. This is their special tour meaning they should invite legends to join em..

  • ccc

    Exactly, right! Taylor Swift has no business on that stage. She needs to figure out what genre she is….pop or country?

  • James Mohn

    For what its worth she sounded and looked great with Mick Monday night. He looked like a rag doll next to her. They both put on a great show together.