Roseland Hospital expected to shut down Wednesday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Protesters are back at the South Side hospital this afternoon to sound off about the plan close it.



Roseland Hospital could be shut down as early as Wednesday unless the state comes up with about $600,000 to make payroll.

Roseland officials say Governor Quinn’s office promised them the state would give them the money needed to keep the hospital open, but then told them Friday the funding wasn’t available.

Roseland is $7 million in debt.

The state owes the hospital $6 million, but Governor Quinn denies that.

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  • Joymar

    We need to have pension reform so pensions are not so excessive and the state will have money to pay its bills,

    • SuxMyBalls

      How about the state live up to the contracts that they signed? It isn't the employee's fault that the state hasn't been putting what they owe into the fund.

  • bob

    We need to stop the hemorrhaging with the state employee pension costing 17 millions a day. We need pension reform, to stop the automatic 3% raise, we need to increase the age of retirement. We need to stop the double dipping, and base pension on base salary and not overtime pay. Most American on Social Security live on $20k or less in benefits, so why are state workers paid nearly 80% or more of their working salary? Why are state employee allowed to retire and apply for another state position or even the same position that they just retired from without reduce retirement benefits. Social security retiree will receive a reduction in benefits if they continue to work after retiring until they reach the age of 65. Soon the state will be bankrupt and all those people who are against pension reform will be climbing over one another for reform.

    • EatMyAss

      How about the state actually live up to a contract? They have to pay the parking meter company everything they owe them because of the contract, dont public employees deserve the same treatment. A contract is a promise and if you break it you are a liar and immoral. Are you a liar?

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  • Tonya

    closing our schools, closing our hospitals! who the hell is so creative to continuously think on how to kill the black community?