Chicago’s Very Own: Dr. Charmaine Harris

Prom is a rite of passage for most high school students. But for those with special needs, prom is rarely a reality.

But Waukegan high school principal Charmaine Harris, had the idea for a special prom.  Principal Harris does her best to make sure her kids always feel like they’re just like everyone else.

CharmaineHarrisInside, there’s not a lot of difference between this prom and the one mainstream students have.

There’s a DJ playing  the latest tunes, plenty of food, decorations and disco lights.

And young people doing what young people do: having a blast, with  lots and lots of dancing.

And it was principal Harris, with the help of others who made this night possible.

Dr. Charmaine Harris, she’s one of Chicago’s Very Own.


  • mark klemm

    I am so very proud of Dr. Charmain Harris and your support staff for your efferts. The video shows the kids having a great time. Waukegan has become a leader in Chicagoland promoting awareness for their special needs students.

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