Man shot and killed after traffic incident on Goose Island

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man was shot to death, and his girlfriend seriously injured after a car accident on Goose Island.

Charles Jones and Kathy bias were riding in Jones’ Maserati when a Buick sideswiped them early Sunday morning in the 1000 block of North Branch.

The drivers traded insurance information.

But as Jones drove to the police station, the other car reappeared.

The drivers argued and Bias tells WGN, the men in the other car shot Jones.

Bias is urging the gunmen to turn themselves in to police.

Jones operated a gentleman’s club on the far South Side.

Investigators have no suspects yet.

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  • HOnestly Now

    So that's what they're calling those joints now, "gentlemen's clubs", Bahhhhhahhhhhahhhh. And he was taking the young lady to his home office for a "job interview"?

    • jackieh

      They were called gentlemen's clubs back during the 30's-60's. No my cuz was not taking the girl to his home office for an interview. Just a few hours before, he and his girl had been at a family reunion on his grand-mothers side. The reunion was almost called off, however, Charles "insisted" that the reunion go on. We gave him an applause at the picnick, because we met older members and younger members whom we had not seen. Such a memorious weekend ended on a awful bad note. I pray for the family and friends.