CPS group makes final push to stop closures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A handful of dedicated parents, teachers and students gathered in Millennium Park today to put forth one final push to stop Chicago Public Schools from closing.

They say will go to the mayor and state lawmakers, hoping to sway Springfield into voting for Senate Bill 1571 by Friday, which would put a moratorium on the closings for next year.

Last week, Chicago’s school board voted to close 49 schools next year, sparing five from the original list.

The group wants every school and program to stay open.

What are the chances of Senate Bill 1571 being passed?   Not good.  It must still get through committee, where it’s been since February and come up for a full vote by Friday.

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  • Guest

    Track how many of these kids from these schools that are slated to be closed actually go on to graduate from high school and then college? I doubt very man. Close those schools. Save tax payer dollars. It's not my fault they have to cross gang lines to get to the next schools. That is the fault of the community itself.

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    What better evidence could you ask for showing how selfish the teachers are. They are not even pretending to care about students interests any longer. The fact is that ALL of the schools need to be closed and the entire system restructured from a blank sheet of paper. A teacher standing in front of the class with a printed book is just embarrassing at this point. Yet 95% of teachers would not have any idea what the new model is. Sadly, we are 28th and falling in the world and will be among the last to make the switch. So the era of US supremacy is over. It's probably for the best. Where's the pencil sharpener?

    • Guest

      Wow! You must have had a poor educational experience and are, for whatever reason, against teachers. I agree with the necessity to close the under-enrolled schools but to blame the teachers and say that 95% "…have no idea…" , well, I would love to see where you came up with that percentage! Stop blaming the teachers…stop blaming the unions….put the blame where it belongs…with the lawmakers……and with the parents who have no idea how to raise their own children and expect the teachers to work magic!

  • Rfmus

    Stewart School is a historic building PLEASE don't tear it down!!!
    In 2008, a playground was added. Doesn't make sense to close it down after the money they put in.