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CPS votes on largest school closure in city’s history

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The board of education voted to shut down dozens of Chicago Public Schools.

It’s the largest closure in U.S. history.

Critics expressed their objections during a meeting Wednesday.

But, the board still voted to close 49 elementary schools and one high school program.

Schools chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett withdrew her recommendation to close four other schools at the last minute.

Karen Lewis is launching a training program today to teach people how to register enough voters to change the results in the next election.

The following elementary schools, and one high school program, are closing:

1. Louis Armstrong Math & Science Elementary School

2. Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School

3. Arna Wendell Bontemps Elementary School

4. Kate S Buckingham Special Education Center

5. John Calhoun North Elementary School

6. Miriam G Canter Middle School

7. Ana Roque de Duprey Elementary School

8. Robert Emmet Elementary School

9. Nathan R Goldblatt Elementary School

10. Matthew A Henson Elementary School

11. Francis Scott Key Elementary School

12. William H King Elementary School

13. Alfred David Kohn Elementary School

14. Jean D Lafayette Elementary School

15. Guglielmo Marconi Elementary Community Academy

16. Garrett A Morgan Elementary School

17. Near North Elementary School

18. Anthony Overton Elementary School

19. Jesse Owens Elementary Community Academy

20. Ignance Paderewski Elementary Learning Academy

21. Francis Parkman Elementary School

22. Elizabeth Peabody Elementary School

23. Nathaniel Pope Elementary School

24. Betsy Ross Elementary School

25. Songhai Elementary Learning Institute

26. Graeme Stewart Elementary School

27. Lyman Trumbull Elementary School

28. Alexander von Humboldt Elementary School

29. West Pullman Elementary School

30. Granville T Woods Math & Science Academy ES

31. Elihu Yale Elementary School

32. Crispus Attucks Elementary School

33. John P Altgeld Elementary School

34. Benjamin Banneker Elementary School

35. Edward C Delano Elementary School

36. Dumas Technology Academy

37. Enrico Fermi Elementary School

38. Garfield Park Preparatory Academy ES

39. Elaine O Goodlow Elementary Magnet School

40. Victor Herbert Elementary School

41. Robert H Lawrence Elementary School

42. Horatio May Elementary Community Academy

43. William J & Charles H Mayo Elementary School

44. Pershing West Middle School

45. Martin A Ryerson Elementary School

46. Austin O Sexton Elementary School

47. Joseph Stockton Elementary School

48. Williams Multiplex Elementary School

49. Williams Preparatory Academy Middle School

50. Roswell B Mason Elementary School (high school program only)

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1 Comment

  • Ofycial

    Okay, If these schools have to close then how about using the money that is (so called) being saved and put it into upgrading the schools that the city is cramming the displaced students into.