Sandy Hook families lobby for Illinois gun control

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Illinois lawmakers will hear from three families who lost loved ones in the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. newtownsandyhook

Nicole Hockley, Mark Barden and Francine Wheeler will lobby state senators Monday to enact a controversial gun control bill; it would limit an ammunition magazine to no more than ten bullets.

The magazines used by the Sandy Hook School shooter had 30 bullets apiece; the parents say, if he had been forced to reload more often, more children might be alive today.

It would take the votes of 30 state senators and 60 state representatives to pass the bill by the end of the month; opponents say no bill will stop criminals who simply refuse to obey gun laws.

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  • Ryan K

    I'm sorry, but go back to Connecticut. Criminals don't follow laws. We don"t need more laws, we need to enforce the ones we have.

  • HVK

    I want to know on whose dime are these people travelling. If my tax dollars are being used to ferry these people around to lobby for misguided, delusional ant-gun groups to forward their agenda, I want it stopped.

  • Mina Smith

    These folks need to stay home and grieve their loss and not spend their time pushing their ill-though agendas on us. Go home! End of story!!!!

  • gvw3

    We all feel bad for these people but send them home. They have been dragging them all across America to push their agenda. Our government in Illinois has other issues to deal with. This is smoke and mirrors to cover up for the corruption and mismanagement our elected officials have done to this state.

  • Bill

    Go Back to Sandy Hook… Sorry for your loss but you have NO right to take our CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED 2A RIGHTS. Taking our 2A rights won't save one life… in fact it would cause more gun violence… because you would be effectively limiting responsible gun owners rights to keep and bear arms. You are being abused by the liberal nuts in office…. Sit down and read about what made America great. It's not about talking away our rights, it's about freedom.

  • lee

    GO HOME!!!! We don't need your ideas imposed on our state. And take Pat Quinn and the Madigans with you. It's time to take our country and state back and express our freedom of speech. Remember the ones who spend our tax dollars for this B.S. DO NOT RE-ELECT THEM !