10 juveniles, 2 adults charged in Mag Mile disturbances

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Twelve young people face charges in connection with weekend disturbances along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

10 juveniles and two adults face citations ranging from reckless conduct, loitering, resisting police and damaging an officer’s bicycle.

They are accused of being part of a group that blocked streets near the Gold Coast on Saturday.

People in that group reportedly were between the ages of 14 and 19-years-old.

Police say the group was made up of several dozen teens who roamed from Michigan Avenue to LaSalle Street.

The group dispersed after police showed up.

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  • Joe Public

    Who in their right mind would want to visit Chicago with activities like this in progress, The city should invest the monies it plans for improvements and build bigger jails.

  • angry

    would ask "where are the parents?" but they are probably out running the streets too. It seems to be all fun and games till a cop ends up hurting on of these silly a** kids . Next thing you know the parents will be on the news saying how the child was a "good kid" whatever !

    • wisconsinite

      that just doesn't make sense.you just don't get it, i used to enjoy coming to Chicago about 4 times a year,we would stay@ a nice hotel on Michigan Ave but not anymore! There are many more people that think just like me. tourism @shopping will suffer,stores close,people loose their jobs and so on. This will happen trust me ! The people have to say enough is enough and start turning this around.

  • My kind of town

    OMG! Talk about debbie downers. Chicago is a great place. Name me one major city that DOES NOT have problems with punks who have nothing else better to do. just a bunch of lowlife punks. Please, if you have nothing NICE to say DON T SPEAK AT ALL…..We who live here LOVE IT! A few bad apples does not define us as a whole. Stay away. who cares. Plenty of people love this city. low life do nothing PUNK as* kids and all. Their parents should also be charged. Like Wisconsin is oh so great? Been there…YAWNNNNNNN ! would rather have a root canel….Thanks. I'll take SWEET HOME CHICAGO!

  • Diane

    Is anyone concerned with Illinois' governor and Michael Madigan whose legislation is again chipping at our Constitutional right to free assembly. This is a slippery slope and shouldn't be a knee-jerk reaction. Yes, there is a real problem with groups gathering for destructive criminal purposes but why should law abiding citizens be punished? If young people are using social media and acting irresponsibly than punish them not me.