Sandy Hook parents travel to Springfield in support of gun legislation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Three parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting stood their ground in Chicago Sunday and prepared to tell their story in Springfield this week.  They hope it will sway Illinois lawmakers to limit high capacity ammunition magazines.

Mark Barden’s 7-year-old son Daniel was one of 26 people killed in the December shooting along with 6-year-old Ben Wheeler who’s mother is also here to help pass the legislation.

Illinois Senate Bill 1002 would limit the number of rounds per magazine to 10 and stiffen penalties for those who use larger clips.

Monday, the Sandy Hook parents, including the mother of 6-year-old Dylan Hockley, will testify in Springfield, like they have in other states, hoping their stories will make a difference on the vote.

“The person who killed my son carried ten 30 round large capacity magazines into Sandy Hook Elementary School,” said Nicole Hockley, Dylan’s mother.  “He chose to leave the smaller capacity magazines at home, he chose to have the best kill rate possible by using high capacity magazines which only exist to deliver as many bullets as possible in the shortest time frame. “

Governor Quinn wants the bill passed before the end of the current general assembly session in two weeks. It’s a vote that, right now, is very close.

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  • Ghost

    By limiting to 10 rounds is not going to stop a shooter from shooting people. We need to start enforcing the laws that we have on the books already. There is no need to add additional requirements to satisfied a group of parents that thinks that we need to limit how many rounds that a gun can hold. What we need to do is do background checks. We also need to increase the penalty on criminals that uses guns in a commission of a crime. I don't have a problem with a anyone using a gun for self defense purposes. However, every gun user and owner should attend a CCW or gun class to learn about the firearm and the laws surrounding the gun itself.

  • Mina Smith

    Unbelievable. Have these folks not be used enough already? Does anyone really believe that being a victim of a tragedy suddenly makes you an expert on public policy? I really wish these folks would slow down, take some time to think about what they are doing and heal themselves. Meanwhile: IL is going to get conceal carry I don't care if they bring the Pope into the hearings next week. End of story.

    • Marshal

      I stopped three men from car jacking my car with my family in the car in Florida. I wanted every bullet I had .
      I was sorry to hear about the children
      But if they had armed personal it would not have happened the way it did.
      If I thought like these parents did my family would be dead. A school is a soft target for a crazy as is a tourist car except when the tourist carries a loaded gun with enough bullets to make the. Point.. They backed off and no one got hurt. Please don't tell me what I need to have to protects family. To the parents please go home. We have enough idiots in our state government as it is. The laws your state enacted will just. Get more people killed. Look at Chicago and see what your gun control will accomplish.

  • Jim B

    Perhaps all the LEO's want a reduced capacity magazine limit too? I mean why would "Anyone" want more than 10rds? We'll save thousands of children's lives, right? This is such garbage. Yes, it was a complete horrible tragedy, but this isn't going to save anyone! This isn't about protecting anyone. Slowly give back your rights, a little at a time. Enforce laws we have! Wait, why bother? Let's let convicts out early, like 1800 of them because there's no room, right Cook Co? That'll teach criminals to behave! Rights don't change because of technology! If that was the case, we wouldn't have free speech on this forum. We'd only be able to respond on parchment paper using a quill pen!

    • John S

      I send out all my replies on parchment paper and use a quill pen….just takes forever to get the comment to post…lol good post Jim B.

  • HVK

    I'd like to know on who's dime these people are travelling around on. If my tax dollars are being spent so they can travel around lobbying for the ill-informed, misguided agenda of the anti-gun people, then I want it stopped.

    • cbroth67

      Please see my comment on Neil Heslin. Yes, I do wonder who is paying their way. and I wonder why they are not at home with their other children., rebuilding their families. I am from CT and I say enough. We are sorry they lost their children. As sorry as we are for the children lost and still unaccounted for in Oklahoma. enough mileage has been gotten out of the sandy Hook parents. We would do better to put our focus on getting drunk drivers (see Neil Heslin's CT Court case look up, Derby court, Motor Vehicle) off our roads.

    • VAHAWK

      Nice "peace" they have in Chicago. There has been an INCREASE in crime in Great Britain since the total gun ban. MEXICO has a total gun ban, how do you like the "peace" they have there?

  • cbroth67

    FYI People of Illinois. Neil Heslin's CT court case look up bears looking at. 2000 to the day before the Sandy Hook shooting he was in family court over his child. Everything from a paternity test to contempt of support. In criminal court for writing bad checks, housing court for foreclosure(s). In Motor Vehicle court/Criminal court for operating under the influence. 2011 operating without a valid license, operating under suspension, no insurance. Currently facing 30 days in prison for some of his offenses. I find Mr. Heslin a hypocrite. OK to flaunt the laws of Connecticut but he can advocate for gun laws?