Goodbye SMS texting…hello chat apps!

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For the first time ever, instant messaging in chat apps has surpassed traditional SMS text messaging, according to the research firm Informa.

Does this mean texting will become a thing of the past? Perhaps. In the meantime, jump on the band wagon with these three chat apps:


Screen shot from GroupMe

99 cents for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps, reports. This app allows you to send private messages to your phone contacts for free. You can message photos, videos and even your location with WhatsApp, and the app is available for practically all phones. The only catch? You can only communicate with people who have the app.

Group Me
Free for iOs, Android, Blackberry, Windows

This app is perfect for family members, friends and co-workers who have different phones and want to group chat. Let’s face it — a group of iPhone users can make a colleague with an Android or Windows phone feel confused with an iMessage group text. Contrary to the app’s name, however, you can still have one-on-one conversations within GroupMe. You also don’t have to download the app to get started. Plus, they just introduced a new feature called Split, that will help you and a group of people “split” a bill, for instance.

Facebook Messenger
Free for iPhone and Android

This single-subject app from Facebook is focused just on sending Facebook messages (no newsfeed necessary!) Because it’s only messaging, the mobile app works very fast. Also, you can communicate with you Facebook friends as well as your mobile phone contacts within the app.

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