Concealed-carry bill heads to Illinois Senate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Illinois Senate could vote on a plan Friday to allow concealed-carry in some public places.

The bill would allow gun owners to apply with the state police for a permit to carry firearms in public.

Chicagoans would be required to get special permission from police to carry guns in the city.

The legislation would ban loaded weapons in schools, hospitals and on public transit, and it would allow cities to impose their own additional rules on concealed weapons.

Critics say it would create a patchwork of gun laws in Illinois.

Lawmakers have until June 9 to come up with a new law.

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  • Frank Drackman

    I hope this dose not pass as creating patch work laws dose not WORK. Reading up on all the news reports on the concealed carry controversy. I have found what it seems like, that what Chicago Politicians want to make it hard for concealed carry in Chicago. I Sen. Raoul has said It would be the wild west in Chicago. Sen Raul It all ready is when there are shootings almost every day and a murder almost every day. Along with muggings on Michigan Ave. during the day. People have a right to protect themselves.

    • Snorting

      Agree, then on June 9th the 7th District Court will write one similiar to the other 49 states. Illinois, and especially Shi…cago, needs concealed carry, shall issue concealed carry, NOT may issue and not here and here and here and here, like the blockheads in the big ghetto by the lake want.

    • Snorting

      You're a complete Kool-Aide drinking fool. Statistics from other states prove that cc actually made crime decrease substationally. WI the last state to implement cc saw a decrease in crime by some 40% in the first 6 months, 60% over the first year. Proven stats.

      Don't want or like guns, don't want cc, then don't buy a gun. Maybe wear a sign, "I am unarmed citizen ripe for the picking, do me." When you have a savage breathing down your neck, kicking in your front door, coming at you aggressively, call 9-1-1 and explain to the nice police officer how you wish to have them come and assist you as soon as possible. Me? Loud clear verbal warning, if time permits, repeat warning. Think, review area especially behind threat, draw, aim, shoot. Go home to family. You? A bloody mess of dead or severely injured, wheeled to the hospital or morgue never to see your loved ones again. I know my choice, I guess you do too. Rest in Peace and sympathy to your family for your choices.

    • Wisconsinite

      You see an idiot every time you look in the mirror. Iiiinois is the last state in the union without conceal carry. I guess the other 49 states are the idiots. The criminals will always get a gun , conceal carry levels the playing field – legally I add for law abiding public

  • I.C. Idiots

    You seriously spell "some" as "s-u-m"? People are so dumb! Or should I say/spell "d-u-m", so I might be understood…

  • Dan Wesson 357

    I live in Wi. I was born in Wi. I am a Dem. and support concealed carry, always have and always will.
    What many people don't realize is that Wi. has had open carry since it became a state way back when, but the law abiding citizens couldn't open carry a weapon without being charged with disorderly conduct by the police. now that has changed and we can now conceal carry with a permit and open carry without being charged unless we brandish the weapon or make threating actions with it'

    I hope Illinois get a law that is fair and just. Good luck