Woman, 69, robbed of $200K in jewelry and cash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A group of men robbed a 69-year-old woman in the middle of the day on the Magnificent Mile.

It happened in the 700 block of North Michigan Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

Police say the woman was surrounded by a group of at least three and as many as eight men who demanded her belongings.

The woman was robbed of as much as $200,000 dollars in jewelry and cash.

She was not injured.

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  • Geo

    Where are the police?This is a world famous shopping area .Lets get foot patrols up and running like Obama has on his block and this unacceptable criminal behavior will end.


    Something does not sound right here. A 69 year old woman had 200k in cash and jewelry on her was robbed by upwards of 8 people and no one saw this in this area of Chicago? The Mag Mile? She may of been robbed and all that but that seems like an epic amount of value that was taken. And isn't that area just loaded with police too? Oh well, thats Chicago I guess. Time to keep a loaded mag on the mag mile!

  • sharong4

    That story sounds fishy. Like I said, there are too many people on the Mag Mile to not have noticed a group of 3-8 guys hustled around an old lady. Why would she have that much on her walking in Chicago and not going to a club without a bodyguard or a gun on her. That was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much, even for the Mag Mile. Oprah didn't do that.