Collins off Comcast after ‘sex’ flub highlights raunchy videos

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
By Robert Channick, Tribune reporter
Comcast SportsNet Chicago reporter Susannah Collins, part of the broadcast team covering the Chicago Blackhawks, is no longer with the network as of Thursday night, after two days of internet attention over a flubbed sentence on live television led to revelations about previous, more controversial sports show appearances.”Due to circumstances unrelated to her on-air remarks Tuesday night, Susannah Collins and Comcast SportsNet Chicago have parted ways,” Phil Bedella, vice president and general manager of CSN Chicago said in a statement. “We appreciate everything Susannah has contributed to our network over the past year and wish her the best in her future endeavors.”
On Tuesday, Collins  inadvertently said that the Blackhawks had a “tremendous amount of sex during the regular season.” The mistake went viral, landing everywhere from news web sites to the Tonight Show monologue, where it was highlighted Wednesday as the “Freudian Slip of the Day” by host Jay Leno.Collins, who meant to say “success,” immediately corrected herself.susannahcollinsBut the mistake put a spotlight on Collins, and that quickly refocused attention on a series of  raunchy YouTube videos uploaded between 2009 and 2010.  As co-host of Sports Nutz, Collins pushed the boundaries of sports journalism — and good taste — with sexually explicit reports and potentially offensive racial stereotypes.

Produced by Middlebrow Media, the 16-video series drifted more toward lowbrow humor, with Collins and her female co-host, Sam Raddock, delivering everything from rowdy man-on-the-street interviews to a dramatic reading of the sexual exploits of former NBA player Darryl Dawkins’ from his autobiography “Chocolate Thunder.”

The video series remains on YouTube, but has not enjoyed the viral success of her Blackhawks blooper, with most episodes averaging several thousand views each.
Collins, however, went on to bigger things, joining CSN Chicago as a full-time reporter in September 2012,  where she handled post-game reporting duties for the network’s coverage of the Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox home games, among other duties.

A Downers Grove native and University of Illinois graduate, Collins previously worked as a reporter for Showtime Sports, the NFL Network and as a weekend sports anchor at WCBS-TV in New York, according to CSN’s press release announcing her hiring.

A CSN spokesman declined to discuss the circumstances of her departure.

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  • Brian Millersmith

    I can only guess that ComCast is a bunch of pent-up, bible thumping republicans. Sure seems that way, too, what with their fees for their service.

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  • tony

    Comcast didn't want to fire her, this came from the 'Hawks higher ups who own a significant stake in the channel. Disappointing that they can separate the organization from the Keith and Kane incidents, yet Mora and Collins are painted as the devil.

    Class isn't defined as the situations you are put in, it's defined by how you handle them. Hawks took a black eye on this one, MUCH more than they would have in leaving it alone.