2013 CPD overtime budget 2/3 spent

The Sun Times reports the Chicago Police Department burnt through two-thirds of its overtime budget in just the first three months of this year.

Some of that money went toward a new policing tactic called “Operation: Impact.”

In February, 200 officers were assigned to work overtime at some of the areas with the city’s highest crime rates.

Officials say it worked, but it was just part of a comprehensive strategy.

The president of Chicago’s police union says overtime pay is a “Band-Aid solution,” and the department needs to hire more officers.

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  • Trish

    well…….dont cover and see what happens………..dare to take the chance over money the alderman will spend on office updates or personal body guards?

    • kirby1414

      PLEEEEZE Trish – – these $$$$$ Aldermen wouldn't give up $5 of their $$$ for ANYTHING…It's all about them – what do they care? They have drivers, security, etc. no worries for them…

  • kirby1414

    And yet Chicago takes the choice of NOT asking for outside help from the National Guard, State police – other agencies.How STUPID are the people that run the city of Chicago??? How STUPID is King Rahm??? And they worry about a breakfast for the 2 schools that didn't play basketball…the priorities in this town are all out of place.