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Chicago parking meter settlement includes free Sunday parking

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Monday new changes to Chicago’s controversial parking meter contract.

Mayor Richard Daley enraged drivers by leasing the parking meters to a private company before he left office; since then the cost of street parking has skyrocketed, and meter enforcement has expanded to 24 hours a day.

Today, Emanuel announced meter parking will soon be free on Sunday’s in Chicago neighborhoods, parkers will be able to use their cellphones to pay the meter and the city has settled a long running billing dispute with Chicago Parking Meters LLC.

The company claimed the city owed $61 million due to special events, routine street maintenance and disabled parking.

Emanuel said the settlement saves the taxpayers $1 billion.

The entire proposal will now go to the City Council.


5 Comments to “Chicago parking meter settlement includes free Sunday parking”

    Jim said:
    April 29, 2013 at 11:41 AM

    Daley and his crew hid their process from the public, ignored their own rules, railroaded the City Council, and screwed the taxpayers on the parking meter lease deal. He should be in jail.

      Mark said:
      April 29, 2013 at 4:29 PM

      the city council railroaded themselves. The contract is clear as day, had they actually read it before JUMPING on to sign it. Instead they rushed to sign it before the public could give them their opinion on the matter.

      And now everyone will pay.

      Every Alderman in office should be booted if they voted in favor of this plan. If not they should present the public with a plan outlining their reeducation and what they will do in the future to actually read ordinances and contracts before they sign them.

      I don't say "we" because I have no intention of remaining around this screwed up city.

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